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How to go From 0 to 200 Customers in B2B Digital Health

Building a digital health business is a challenge anywhere in the world. The road to success is tricky and fraught with danger. Carcasses of many heralded startups litter the way to ultimate success in tech. Building a successful digital health business is even harder in Nigeria. Many obstacles stand between your startup and its eventual […]

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Startup Deja vu – Are old mistakes being repeated?

Find-a-med is/was a location-based app that allowed users to find the closest health and medical centres to them, and provide turn-by-turn directions to that centre. It also stores and tracks the basic health information of a user, and allows people to write reviews of centres they have visited. Users may choose to add health centres […]

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A Scalable Model for On-demand Healthcare

Editor’s note – This is a guest article by a Nigerian based digital health entrepreneur. Guest contributions are welcome. Send to [email protected] After seeing so many on-demand healthcare startups trying to launch and take their own fair share of the Nigerian market, I thought I should put up this post as I felt something was […]

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Market Discovery Grant for Digital Health Startups

Startups often find themselves in a catch 22 situation. To gain investor capital, they need to show traction. To gain traction they need capital.  To solve this, entrepreneurs are often told to go down the FFF route, friends, families or fools. Unfortunately, not many Nigerians have access to the FFF round that’s commonplace in other […]

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5 Things I’d do Differently if I had to Startup Again

What Would I Do Different If I Had To Build My Startup Again From Scratch? It’s been 4 years, 3 pivots, and thousands of dollars in founder’s capital invested. Somehow, I feel I’ve just graduated from business school. I actually consider it cheaper and more beneficial learning by being street-smart. I don’t think there’s any […]

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