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Author: digitalhealthng


Why I Started an EHR Company

Note – This post is by Henry Mascot, Founder of Curacel Health, A Nigerian EHR company. It first appeared on Curacel Health’s medium page.   As founders often times we get the question, “Why did you start your company?” I have always been passionate about

rescue helicopter

Tech Will Rescue Failing Healthcare Businesses

Many innovations that abound in health technology today seem to centre around EHR’s, and the clinical experience. The focus on these areas are all great and needs to continue. This, however, seems to have resulted in the neglect of an important area in healthcare. The

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Tools to Use in B2B Tech Sales

DHN note: This post was lifted from a medium post published by ‘@docneto” on January 23, 2015.  I came across a medium post that went through aspects of a sales stack and gave some options for tools to consider. It made me reflect on the