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Event – February DHN meetup in Lagos

We are kicking off our monthly meetup series with our first meetup on the 23rd of February at 5.30pm. We plan to have one every last Friday of the month to create ongoing conversations for people working in health technology.

This first meetup will feature:

  • A fireside chat with Dr Debo Odulana of Doctoora and a health insurance specialist
  • Opportunity to ask questions, share problems and insights with experts and other practitioners
  • Opportunity to meet and network with other health tech founders and practitioners
  • 1 pitch your startup slot – email us at [email protected] if you’d be interested in pitching
  • Small chops and drinks

There are only 28 spaces so this will be a small and highly impactful meetup. Our last few events have received glowing reviews, one even led to the birth of a new startup.

You should come if you’re a health startup founder, techie with interest in health or a health professional interested in innovation. Who knows, you could find a co-founder for that idea of yours here.

In order to make sure that the small number of slots we have don’t go to waste, there will be a cover charge of ₦1,000. When you attend, we will give you back ₦500 so the net cost will be only ₦500, Great value!

Pay here via paystack then return to our event page to book. Please make sure your email on the paystack page matches your booking email here so we can easily confirm your booking.

Thanks, we look forward to hosting you.

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