Digital Health Nigeria’s First Meetup

Our team at Digital Health Nigeria recently hosted our inaugural event on the 4th of Jan in Ikoyi, Lagos. It was well attended by more than 40 individuals, representing 17 companies, interested in the Nigerian digital health space. We intentionally organized our Meet and Greet for very early in the year because we wanted it to allow for initial introductions that would set up a foundational network going into 2017. We are a platform that raises awareness about Nigerian digital health innovations and is aimed at developing an ecosystem for these solutions to succeed.

The #DHNMeetNGreet last week was our first of many events which we anticipate will build connections that strengthen the ecosystem. We were very impressed by the diversity of professionals who were present and provided the breadth of experiences that was reflected in the robust conversations that took place. We had students at all levels, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, software developers, and graphic designers present. Many of whom were also a part of the founding team of early-stage health tech companies. Although there were many challenges identified in this space, we were able to spend time thinking through solutions. Our conversation produced tangible and actionable ideas and laid the groundwork for collaboration amongst the companies that were present.

A couple of take-home points from our conversations:

  • Digital health companies also need to go offline to grow their business
  • Great products are tailored to, and continually iterated to meet the end consumer’s needs
  • Hospital systems are interested in solutions that provide a value proposition that meets their pain points along a particular spectrum.

You can relive the rest of the conversation using the hashtag #DHNMeetNGreet We believe that the digital health space is poised for incredible growth and are excited at the opportunity to be involved in developing this ecosystem. Be a part of our journey by following us on twitter @DigitalHealthNg and checking out our website.

Do remember to complete our post-event survey if you attended the meetup. This will help us improve the next iteration which is already in the works.

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