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5 Things I’d do Differently if I had to Startup Again

What Would I Do Different If I Had To Build My Startup Again From Scratch? It’s been 4 years, 3 pivots, and thousands of dollars in founder’s capital invested. Somehow, I feel I’ve just graduated from business school. I actually consider it cheaper and more beneficial learning by being street-smart. I don’t think there’s any […]

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How Can Nigerian Health Tech Startups Build Sustainable Businesses?

Between the 30th of June and 2nd of July, medical doctors, software developers, graphic designers, business development guys and many others gathered at the Co-creation Hub in Yaba, Lagos for a hackathon called “Health Meets Tech” which was organized by a partnership of Digital Health Nigeria, EpiAfric and Facebook, and covered by the Nigeria Health […]

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Health Tech Entrepreneurs Must be Patient – Founder of Meditell, a failed startup

Editor’s note – This is an interview with a founder of a now failed health tech startup meditell, that was funded by a Lagos-based incubator. He gives plenty of insights and lessons to learn that is required reading for every health tech entrepreneur. It’s by far the best interview in our series so far.  Some identifying […]

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We can’t Leave Everything to the Government – Dr Dairo, Founder Medenhanz

Please introduce yourself– My name is Dokun Dairo, and I trained at the Obafemi Awolowo Medical School; then I immigrated to the US where I did a postgraduate study in internal medicine, and since then I have engaged in the practised in internal medicine. To give back to Nigeria based on the knowledge got, I […]

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Mental Health in Nigeria: Can Tech Really Help?

Designing technology for mental health in Nigeria means doing twice the work, while jumping various hurdles, as we must, to accomplish anything here. Ask any general health tech founder in Nigeria what it takes first and foremost to get doctors to use your product. You would have already run the marathon of building a fully […]

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