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Mental Health in Nigeria: Can Tech Really Help?

Designing technology for mental health in Nigeria means doing twice the work, while jumping various hurdles, as we must, to accomplish anything here. Ask any general health tech founder in Nigeria what it takes first and foremost to get doctors to use your product. You would have already run the marathon of building a fully […]


4 Sure-fire ideas to grow users for your B2B startup


Startups in Nigeria Don’t Only Need Money – Dr Akhimien, founder Omomi

mobidoc makes health consults easy
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We are Trying to Scale Health into Tech – Timilehin Aiyemo, founder

Editor’s note – This is the first in our new interview series that brings you up close and personal with founders and key players in digital health entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Follow us on social media and join our email list to be alerted when new articles become available. Contact us to suggest anyone you’d like […]

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You Won’t be the Next Tesla

Editor’s note – This article is written By Nel Ibuola, co-founder of rembi, a health tech startup based in Jos, Nigeria. Guests contributions are welcome. Contact us here   Why you shouldn’t be the next Tesla. Digital healthcare is really seductive and deceptive, you should know. I belong to a small group on Telegram where […]


Graveyard of Hospitals

Editor’s note – This article was written by Dr Abayomi Sule and first appeared on his linked in page. Guests articles are welcome, contact us here with your submission.    Lagos is the graveyard of hospitals in Nigeria. Hospitals and clinics in Lagos have a high mortality rate with many failing during the lifetime of […]

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Nigerian Healthcare and Electricity: Overcoming the Power Problem

Qualitative healthcare is dependent on power. Whether it be a simple vaccine cold-chain system, blood banking, or complex brain surgeries, electricity has an immense role to play in healthcare delivery in the 21st century so much so that the U.K Department of Health – reputed to oversee the world’s best primary health care delivery service […]

EHR: the death of the case note as we know it?

ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS (EHR): the death of the case note as we know it?

Right from ancient times, physicians and health workers through the ages have always had a need to document patient history, drug doses and prescriptions. Whether on papyrus, scrolls or paper as we have today, the documentation of health information has always been a key component of quality healthcare delivery. Although the history of sub-Saharan African […]


E-Health in Nigeria: just pain, no gain? 

DHN note: This article is by Chika Ochonogor, the Lead Consultant of Filament Consulting, a legal consultancy which specialises in technology, IP, media & entertainment and advertising law. This article was first published on Push-IT!, Filament’s blog at 1 February 2017 On Thursday 26 January, I was at an e-health symposium organised by Northwestern University in […]

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Boosting Healthcare in Africa Through Technology

DHN Note: This is a guest post from Dr Eyenimi Ndiomu. Founder of Ubenwa (See them in our startups list). They’re working on using tech to prevent deaths from birth asphyxia. We welcome guest posts and contributions. Send yours in via our contact page.  Technology in health care cannot be over-emphasised. Technology in different sectors like […]

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